Bruce A Restart

Secondary Control Area


Acres International Inc.

Oakville, Ontario

Ultimate Customer:

Bruce Power L.P.


Bruce A is a 4 x 750 MW CANDU nuclear plant commissioned in the 1970s which was shut down in 1997/98.  Bruce Power leased the Bruce plant in 2001 and decided to restart two of the Bruce A units to take advantage of opportunities to sell electrical energy into the competitive Ontario market.


Secondary Control Area – Bruce A Units 3 & 4

VASPAC Inc., as a sub-contractor to the Acres–Sargent & Lundy–Fox Joint Venture (ASLF), participated in the restart of Units 3 and 4 of the Bruce A nuclear generating station. 

The scope of work undertaken by ASLF included the engineering, procurement, and construction of a new secondary control room and associated field panels to provide safe shutdown, cooldown, containment, and monitoring of Unit 3 and 4 reactors.

The design required modification to many safety-related systems including shutdown system two, emergency coolant injection system, negative pressure containment, emergency filtered air discharge system, post accident radiation monitoring system, emergency boiler cooling, primary heat transport system, and the qualified power supply system.

VASPAC Inc. supported the ASLF Joint Venture by preparing conceptual designs, reviewing design manual for technical correctness, preparing design package governing documents, providing customer technical liaison, co-ordinating design efforts with other contractors working on same systems and preparing testing specificationss.

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