Bruce B

Standby Generators Control Upgrade


Bruce Power L.P.

Tiverton, Ontario


Bruce B is a 4 x 850 MW CANDU nuclear plant commissioned in the 1980s.  Standby power for safe shutdown and cooldown is provided by four aero-derivative gas turbine-generator sets.  Control & protection equipment obsolescence threatens system reliability and needs upgrading.       


VASPAC Inc. was awarded a contract in February, 2004 to develop a project scheme paper that would support the sanctioning of funds required to upgrade control and protection equipment on four standby generators.

VASPAC Inc. investigated the status of all associated control and protection equipment, determined its current state of reliability and maintainability, presesented discussions on motivators for upgrade, and recommended a scope of work to meet system goals and reliability targets.  Documents produced for this phase of the project included project scope and justification, installation & commissioning strategies, contracting strategies, control system design requirements, project execution plan, project cost estimates, resource identification and allocation, project risk analysis, schedule and cash flow requirements.  Funds were sanctioned for the project in June, 2004.

The standby generators are classified as a nuclear safety-related system and therefore a special understanding of software and equipment quality assurance requirements was needed. 

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