Bruce B

Controller Replacement Project


Bruce Power L.P.

Tiverton, Ontario


Bruce B is a 4 x 850 MW CANDU nuclear plant commissioned in the 1980s.Advances in microprocessor-based controller technology have made the original analog controllers obsolete.These controllers must be replaced with current products to support plant life-cycles.


VASPAC Inc. has been involved in the replacement project since August, 2003.†† The project started with the design and procurement of emergency spare controllers and has now been expanded to replace all 317 of the analog controllers used at Bruce B.

Applications include boiler level control, boiler feedwater pump recirculation control, reactor zone level control, hotwell level control, deaerator level control, negative pressure containment control, irradiated fuel bed level and temperature controls, generator hydrogen temperature control, end-shield cooling and flow to fuelling machines.

VASPACís role includes preparing specifications for testing facility and process simulators, preparing detailed design descriptions for each application, preparing installation and commissioning strategies, creating testing and pre-tuning programs for each application and acting as a mentor for Bruce Power staff.

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