Recent Projects:


Secondary Control Area

Controller Replacement Program

Standby Generators Controls Upgrade

Other Projects and Related Experience:

Independent review of technical specification for the upgrade of a distributed control system on two 400MW coal fired generating units.  Scope included boiler controls, burner management, data acquisition and historical archiving, and balance of plant controls.

Prior to forming VASPAC Inc. in 2001, Mr. Snowden was Engineering Manager, Utilities Business Unit, at Elsag Bailey Canada from 1994 to 1999.  Under Mr. Snowdens stewardship, several large Distributed Control Systems (DCS) were designed, assembled, tested, and shipped all over the world from the Elsag Bailey facility located in Burlington, Ontario.   As well as system design, assembly, and testing, project scope typically included application design, implementation, and factory testing by process simulation for boiler control systems (BCS), burner management systems (BMS), balance of plant (BOP) controls, data acquisition systems (DAS), human machine interfaces (HMI), and historical data archiving.

Projects executed during his term of office included:

      Darlington Nuclear, Canada Tritium Removal Facility upgrade to new DCS.

      Darlington Nuclear, Canada Replacement of process controllers on 4 x 900 MW units.

      Bruce A Nuclear, Canada Retrofit 4 x 12 MW gas turbine electronic governors (Safety Related)

      Bruce A Nuclear, Canada retrofit 2 x 550 MW electronic governors.

      Lambton, Canada Plant wide DCS retrofit for 4 x 500 MW coal fired station plus new flue gas desulphurization controls on two units.

      Shand, Canada New plant wide DCS for 1 x 400 MW coal fired unit.

      Lakeview, Canada DCS retrofit 2 x 300 MW coal fired units.

      Tracey, Canada Retrofit DCS for 4 x 150 MW oil and gas fired units.

      Pillaiperumalnallar, India DCS for 1 x 330 MW block combined cycle plant.

      Atacama, Chile DCS for 1 x 300 MW block combined cycle plant.

      Ilo, Peru DCS for 1 x 125 MW coal fired plant.

      Da La Te, China DCS for 2 x 300 MW coal fired plant.

      Yanglou, China DCS for 4 x 300 MW coal fired plant.

      Tianhuangping, China DCS for 6 x 300 MW pumped storage plant.  Applications included modes of operation, local controls panels, integrated plant controls, performance dispatch, data acquisition and archiving.

      Ratchaburi, Thailand DCS for 2 x 700 MW gas fired supercritical units.

      Mae Moh, Thailand DCS for 6 x 300 MW coal fired units.

      Khanom, Thailand DCS for 1 x 600 MW block combined cycle plant.

      Wangnoi, Thailand DCS for 3 x 600 MW block combined cycle plant.

      South Bangkok II, Thailand DCS for 1 x 600 MW block combined cycle plant.

      Suralaya, Indonesia DCS for 3 x 650 MW coal fired units.